July 31, 2019

Denver Urban and Mountain Engagement | Ashley and Adam

Brian and I recently traveled to Denver, Colorado to hang out with Ashley and Adam and their adorable pup, Barley! This was our first time going out west together and our first time visiting Denver, CO! I seriously had no idea what to expect from Denver! Most of what I’ve seen on T.V. included lots of snow and mountains! But in reality, Denver is a beautiful, unique city! I loved adventuring around downtown Denver and chatting it up with our Uber drivers! I also loved visiting the mountains and feeling the cool breeze of the mountains compared to the sunny and hot weather in the city!

We both really enjoyed meeting and hanging with Ashley and Adam! The weather was perfect for a summer day in Denver! We met in the art district of downtown. The day before our session, Brian and I had walked around the area to get a good feel for everything! There are so many cool art murals. I really wish that we had this type of mural scene in the Raleigh-Durham area! That would be awesome! I love the outfits that Adam and Ashley chose for the urban part of their session! These two are so cute together! And Barley was the sweetest pup! I have to admit that I was a little nervous before we met Barley! I still have a slight fear of larger dogs but Barley is the sweetest, most gentle boy! We even got to hang out in the backseat with him on the way to the mountains!

The weather was perfect for a summer day!

I’ve always been fascinated with the North Carolina mountains but being in the mountains of Denver was a new level of cool! Other than the fact that I felt like I needed an extra set of lungs in order to breath, I LOVED the views! I especially loved that the weather changed so drastically just by driving up into the mountains! It felt like a good 90 degrees in the city of Denver but I needed my jacket once in the mountains! Can you imagine living in a place where you can drive an hour away from home and have much cooler weather for the day? So neat!

Ashley, Adam, and Barley looked amazing and the mountains created the perfect background for these guys! We can’t wait to celebrate with these 3 next year!

The Proposal!

Adam proposed to Ashley during their trip to London! It’s actually kind of funny as he proposed with a “fake” ring! There was a photographer who was hired to capture the entire thing, but Ashley had no idea! Adam had a fake ring as he was afraid of losing the “real” one while they were out and about! Ashley was so surprised when Adam got down on one knee and asked her to marry him! He told her that this was a fake ring, but she had no clue what that meant! All she knew was her man had just popped the question! Once they were back in their room, Adam gave Ashley her “real” engagement ring and Ashley started crying!



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