July 11, 2018

Date Night with Chris Brown

Between work and kids, it feels like it’s harder and harder to plan date nights these days! A typical night in our house consist of dinner, T.V (Netflix or Hulu usually), emails and bedtime routines with the kids! Before kids, Brian and I would go out almost every weekend! We were always hanging out and dancing with friends! Nowadays, we’re doing good if we can get dinner without a screaming toddler!

Brian was so excited when he heard that Chris Brown was coming to Raleigh this summer! I don’t think that I full understood his love for Chris Brown though. One of the first dances that I ever saw Brian do when we met was to Chris Brown “Take you down”. It has always just kind of been a joke between the two of us! Then on our wedding day, he performed (words of our DJ) that dance and everyone went crazy! Up until that point, most of my family thought that Brian was a really quiet and shy guy! They were so wrong! Not only is he not quiet, but he’s also a huge dancer! And watching him at the Chris Brown concert made me realize just how much he really likes Chris Brown’s music! It was so much fun watching him have a good time! It was also good to have a date night on a weekday!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a small Chris Brown fan! But I’m more of a Beyonce and Drake girl!

And just because no post is complete without a photo, here’s us last night at the concert! I promise you were not half as serious as we look in this photo!

Heartbreak on a Full Moon Raleigh concert



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