October 10, 2018

CYCLEBAR in Brier Creek

I’ve always admired spin class, but never been! It’s always been on my list of things to do one day! When Brian and I would go to Lifetime Athletics in Raleigh, I’d always walk by the room and stare at the bikes! In my mind, I’d hop on a spin bike for the first time and be unstoppable! But in my heart, I know that my first time probably won’t be that amazing! Now that I know that there is such an awesome group of instructors at CYCLEBAR in Brier Creek, I have no excuse!

I have had the pleasure of photographing Sheena and her family for the last few years! So when she asked if I would photograph her and her CYCLEBAR team, I said “YES!” I have to say that they have an amazing team of instructors! Everyone was full of energy and beyond sweet!

We spent the next hour or so listening to music as everyone took turns in front of my camera! I love how the group feels like one big family! I can’t wait to take my first class with these guys at Cyclebar in Brier Creek! Meet each member of the team!

Angelica was so easy going and the first to hop in front of my camera!

CycleBar in Brier Creek CycleBar in Brier Creek, NC

Dree is a sweetheart and I love her curls!
Fitness headshots in Raleigh

Jill was the 1st to arrive! After chatting with her about the fact that we’re both foodies, I knew that we were going to have a good time! Fitness headshots in Durham NC

Kierra was so much fun to photograph! She has the most infectious smile! CycleBar in Brier Creek, NC

Sheena is always so cool to be around! It’s been so cool watching her transform into a Cyclestar!

CycleBar in Brier Creek, NC

Gayle is the Momma of the group and has such a fun and playful spirit! Spin classes in Brier Creek NC

Justin was the only guy in the group! He was so cool and down for whatever the ladies suggested!
Spin class in Brier Creek

Kierston is so sweet and laidback! I love how she wore Chuck Taylors with her workout gear!Outdoor fitness photos on exercise bike CycleBar team in Brier Creek, NC Brier Creek Cyclebar classes Fun fitness team headshots Brier Creek Cyclebar classes Brier Creek Cyclebar classes Brier Creek Cyclebar classes Brier Creek Cyclebar classes



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