November 8, 2018

Bridal Portraits at Leslie Alford Mims House

I love when our brides choose to take bridal portraits! Not only does it give us lots of stress free time together for portraits before the big day, I also love getting a sneak peek at the dress!! It’s no secret that I love wedding dresses! It’s really funny because when Brian and I were planning our wedding, I didn’t want to look at dresses! I put off trying on dresses for as long as I could! And even then, I didn’t walk away from the bridal shop knowing that I had found “the one!” They say that you know when you’ve found it! I actually ordered my first wedding dress off eBay! That ended up being a huge mistake as the fabric was all wrong! It wasn’t until I scrolled through David’s Bridal’s online catalog that I spotted the White by Vera Wang dress that I’d end up wearing! I had never tried it on. I had actually looked at it before and thought it wasn’t cute! Crazy, right!? I had no idea if I’d actually like it in person or not! But I ordered it and when it came, I fell in love! After lots of pins and alterations, it fit perfectly and I’m so glad that I chose it! That’s pretty much how I found my wedding dress!

Jymmi’s wedding dress was actually her second dress! After ordering her first dress, she spotted a new dress online and knew that it would be perfect for her! With only a few months to go until her special day, she switched dresses! I never saw her first dress, but her second dress was perfect! I can totally understand why she chose it! And as always, she looked amazing! I enjoyed spending time with Jymmi, her sister and Mother at her bridal session at the Leslie Alford Mims House in Holly Springs!

Check out a few highlights from our time with Jymmi at the Mim’s House! I’d love to hear how you knew your wedding dress was “the one?” Leave it in the comments below!


Makeup by: Contour Kissed

Venue: Leslie Alford Mims House



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