July 27, 2018

Breaking Up With Nursing

Breaking up with nursing wasn’t easy for me! For the past few months, I have been dreaming of the day that I could go to sleep without nursing! The day that I could leave for an entire day and not have to pump. Or drink a mimosa without having to pump and dump! It’s really funny how becoming a parent changes your life! Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love nursing and wish that every Mother could experience the bond that it creates. But after 17 months of nursing and pumping, it was time to end this relationship!

When Kee turned 1, I started looking for ways to wean him off of nursing! I searched all of the online blogs for “how to wean a baby off nursing!” I was pretty desperate! Somehow the months kept rolling by and I found it easier to just continue nursing than to stop! Then I realized that we were dealing with a sleep association problem! Kee would nurse to sleep every day during nap time and at night! I was so sleep deprived! I don’t think that I had had a full nights sleep since he was born! It was bad! I finally decided that it was time to quit nursing when I realized that he was only comfort nursing. It wasn’t about hunger, it was more of a security blanket to him!

A week before my girls trip to Charleston, I decided that we would go cold turkey! Of course that 1st night was tough. He cried and cried. The 2nd night was a little easier. By the 3rd night, he was starting to get the hang of falling asleep without nursing! When I left for the weekend, Brian said that he slept all night both nights! I was so proud of my little guy!

There are some days that I do miss our nursing and bonding time! I am grateful that I was able to nurse as long as I did, but I am really enjoying all of this new found sleep! Plus I’ve totally missed wearing dresses on the regular and so it’ll be fun to get back into some!

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  1. Nicole

    July 27th, 2018 at 12:34 pm

    17 months?! You’re the GOAT! I lasted a little over 6 months and it was a hard decision to make! I’m glad he’s handling it like a champ…cheers to sleeping through night!

  2. Story and Rhythm

    July 27th, 2018 at 1:21 pm

    LOL! I say the same thing! 17 months?!?! What was I thinking!! 6 months is amazing girl! If I can just make it to 6 months! It’s definitely hard work!

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