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American Tobacco Campus Engagement

October 27, 2020

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but somehow Shree and Jeremy’s engagement session slipped through the cracks! While planning their wedding day blog, I realized that I never blogged their Durham engagement session! 2019 must have been a crazy busy season! I’ve enjoyed working with these guys over the past year! Hanging out with Shree and Jeremy at the American Tobacco Campus was so much fun! We spent the evening chatting and walking around the campus!

How did you guys meet?

Jeremy and I met in 2009, we were both employed at Duke University Medical Center. I worked at the front desk and would have to contact his scheduling department for make appointments for patients. We would have friendly conversations during the process and I thought he had an interesting phone voice. Then one day I asked him if he had a Facebook page so I could look him up. Once his paged popped up I was like he is very handsome. A co-worker of mine was near by and said they went to school together and he was a cool guy. After that we began to email one another and exchanged numbers. Soon after we went on our first date, he was such a gentleman!

Tell us about your proposal!

Jeremy and I were in the Dominican Republic on a trip for the two of us almost 2 months ago. On the day May 17, 2019 we got up as we had normally been doing during our trip went to have breakfast and then the pool to hangout. After the sun drained us we went back to our room to relax and get ready for dinner for the evening. I noticed Jeremy still looked a little tired so I said ” why don’t you take an nap and I’ll head out to the bar & walk around the resort and we can meet back up in an hour”, Jeremy agreed. Around 7:30pm I called Jeremy to wake him up little did I know he was already walking towards me. So he says look up and we walking into one another. He then says ” do you want to go over to the dome and take some pictures”? I said yes of course! So we are under this beautifully lit dome taking a few pictures…just Jeremy and I. It was around 7:45-8:00pm. So we finish taking pictures and we both say lets head to dinner. I turn away from Jeremy to get my purse off of one of the pillars then I turn back around and Jeremy is on his knee and then he asked me “will you marry me”? Of course while crying my eyes out I say YES! It was the most perfect proposal!

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