April 13, 2018

I Almost Burned the House Down

I thought that I knew how to put out a fire until last week when I almost burned the house down! I may be exaggerating a little, but the thought of the entire house burning down did cross my mind! Here’s what happened! I was home with the kids and trying to wash and style my oldest hair for the weekend! Keegan is a very busy toddler and so he was sitting in his high chair eating a few snacks! After awhile, he got cranky and I took his high chair tray off and sat it on the stove as we have so many times before! I’m not sure how much time passed between sitting the tray on the stove, changing Kee’s diaper and heading back into the kitchen (I’m guessing maybe 5 or 6 minutes), but when I walked into the kitchen I noticed that there were flames coming from under Keegan’s high chair tray! By this time, the girls realized what was happening and they both panicked! I grabbed his high chair tray, put it in the sink and put it out with water! Here’s where it got really scary!

My next thought was to use water to put the fire on the stove out but I wasn’t sure if there was any left over grease or anything on it! I’ve heard people say that you never put water on a grease fire. I prayed and threw water on the fire that was still happening on the stove and the flames flew up to the top of the stove area. This is when the thought of letting it burn, calling 911 and getting out of the house crossed my mind! Instead, I grabbed a hand towel and beat the remaining flames (thankfully, they went down after the water) until they went out completely!

I was so thankful that it wasn’t any worse than it was! I can only imagine if we would have all went upstairs and came downstairs to see the house on fire! We are definitely blessed! I’m still not sure how the stove ended up on when we hadn’t cooked anything that morning! Through almost burning the house down, I learned two very important things! One is to be careful when putting water on a fire and two is that we have to invest in a fire extinguisher!

Here are the remains of Kee’s high chair tray! Thankfully this was the only damage!

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