June 16, 2017

Meet Our New Office Assistant

I have a confession! Our Office Assistant isn’t an actual person. But it totally rocks and has been one of the best things I’ve ever invested in for our business! A little over a year ago, I realized that I really needed to find a way to balance my workflow and keep track of everything that goes on within our business! At the time I was pregnant and having a hard time managing everything! Thankfully, I came across some very neat CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. I checked out 17hats and Honeybook before deciding on Tave! And for the past year, I’ve been a faithful Tave user. I love that software! It made keeping track of everything a breeze.

Now that it was time to renew my subscription with Tave, I decided to take a quick look around once again! That is when I came across Dubsado! I’ve been hearing whispers of Dubsado from some of our friends in the wedding industry, but this was my first time really checking it out! And just like that, we decided to switch from Tave to Dubsado! It’s been a little crazy getting everything switched from one system to another during busy wedding season, but I’ve been enjoying our new CRM so far!

Plus they sent us the adorable notebook and pen! I will have to share more of a review once we’ve gotten a little more use to the system. For now, say hello to our new “office assistant!”



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