June 12, 2017

Day Trip to Carolina Beach

I am always ready for a road trip! I don’t know if it’s just my adventurous side or the fact that my parents use to take me on lots of road trips as a child. But I love traveling! There’s just something so amazing about visiting a new city or town. Whether it’s just seeing new sights or trying a new restaurant, I love it!

After spending Saturday morning with one of our amazing Story & Rhythm families, we wanted to do something fun with the girls! Now that school is out and it’s almost summer, I’ve been dying to visit the beach! We’re only a couple of hours from the closest beach so we decided to take a spur of the moment day trip to Carolina Beach! More like an evening trip!

It was perfect! The weather was perfect on the beach. It wasn’t super hot as the sun was just about to set for the day! Keegan got to put his little feet and hands into the sand for the very first time. The girls got to play on the shore and look for seashells. I got to relax and just listen to the ocean for a few minutes. The ocean is so peaceful. It almost makes me want to live at the beach! Plus it’s always fun visiting Britt’s Donuts. I can’t wait until the next time that we get to visit the beach!

Check out a few photos that I took of Brian and the kids on the beach!



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