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When Brian and I found out that we were expecting earlier this year, I suggested that we keep the gender a surprise. I don’t think I expected Brian to go along with me and figured he would say “no” and we’d eventually find out! Well before long, he was completely on board and I was the one having second thoughts! Now here we are, a little under 3 months until we get to meet this little bean and we’re still team green! Somehow we’ve both held out! It definitely hasn’t been easy! Every time a fellow Mom would announce “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” online, I started to second guess our decision. And of course anytime you walk into the baby section of a store and see all of the cute girl and boy clothing, it makes you really wonder if you made the right choice! So here are our reasons for remaining team green this time around!


We Just Want Healthy

One of our main reasons is that we just want a healthy baby! It really doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl! We just pray for a healthy pregnancy journey and a healthy little baby.

Gender Disappointment

I wouldn’t really call it gender disappointment but I think some people would be a little disappointed! One of the biggest things we hear is “I hope it’s a boy for you guys!” And to be honest, we would love to have a son! But my love for pink tutus and gold is pretty strong and I’d enjoy having another daughter just as much! Plus Brian is amazing at shopping for the girls! We wouldn’t be disappointed either way, but we figured we’d hold off the inevitable saying as long as we can! Because we know that if it’s a girl, everyone will ask us if we’re going to try again for a son! My answer to that would be probably not!

The Surprise

This is what has made us remaining team green seem so worth it! I’ve heard from other Moms that waiting until birth is totally worth the wait! That the moment when you hear the doctor say “it’s a girl” or “it’s a boy” is beyond amazing! We can’t wait for that moment! We found out the gender with both of our girls and it was exciting! But I figure that if we plan for this to be our last baby, we may as well go out with a bang! Do things a little different! There aren’t many surprises in life anymore, but this is still one that we can enjoy as a family! Plus it’s been fun reading all of the old myths and letting the girls guess what they think the baby will be! One day I’m certain it’s a boy based on the heart rate and the next day I think it’s a girl because my belly looks high! To say that we’re anxious to know would be an understatement!

If you’ve ever been team green (or yellow), I’d love to hear about your experience! Leave us a comment below!

Alecia and Paul’s wedding at the Great Room at the Top of the Hill in Chapel Hill, North Carolina was beyond magical. We started the day off with Alecia and her girls at the Franklin Hotel. Everyone was busy getting dressed when I arrived! The Franklin Hotel is one of the cutest getting ready locations that I have found in the Chapel Hill area! Alecia chose a beautiful white wedding gown by Lillian West at Maggie Bridal with the cutest glitter pumps by Christian Louboutin! The bridesmaids wore the cutest light pink chiffon pant suits from Alfred Angelo. This was my first time seeing pant suits that look like dresses and I instantly fell in love! Everyone looked amazing! Meanwhile, the ceremony had been beautifully decorated with flowers by Tre Bella. The ceremony was beyond sweet as Alecia and Paul exchanged their vows in front of their family and friends!

After the ceremony, we headed outside for wedding party and bride and groom portraits before the reception began. The entire day was beautiful! Everyone enjoyed dinner and dancing throughout the reception! We are so excited to have been a part of Alecia and Paul’s wedding day!

If there’s one thing that Brian knows, it’s wedding receptions! We have had the pleasure of working with some of the most amazing couples over the years! From the smaller intimate ceremony and reception to the 300 guest weddings, we’ve done it all! Today we’re sharing 2 tips to having an awesome reception straight from our DJ, Brian.

Open Bar

We definitely recommend considering an open bar for your wedding reception. An open bar is great in helping your guest to loosen up. I’ve heard people say that sometimes they need a little liquid courage before they can hit the dance floor. From our experience, if you want your reception to be rocking until the very end, we highly suggest having an open bar! Even if it’s only open during cocktail hour and throughout dinner!

Choose the right genres

Choose genres of music that your guest love and will enjoy dancing to too! I think sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the songs that we listen to in the car and forget that those songs aren’t always the ones that make us dance! We’ve learned that cocktail hour and dinner are normally the best time for the more mellow and slower songs. All of the fun and upbeat songs are played when it’s time to open the dance floor for the party.

We hope that you guys find these tips useful when planning for your wedding reception!



This pregnancy journey continues to amaze me! I can’t believe that we have reached the 25 week mark. The weather has finally started to cool down and the leaves are beginning to change. It’s finally starting to look and feel like fall! That means that we are getting closer to meeting the little human who is growing inside of my belly! Each little kick and movement makes me so excited and anxious to learn whether we’re having a boy or girl! It has been such a different experience not knowing what we’re having this time around. But knowing that hopefully we only have about 15 more weeks to go, I think we can hold out on the gender! I’ve been craving lots of salt and not too many sweets since the beginning. Thankfully the nausea left a few weeks ago.¬†Other than that, we’ve just been busy preparing our home for the new baby!

We’ve also been doing a little fall decorating lately. We picked up these beautiful lava red mums at a nursery out in Cary! I’m so happy to see that they are finally blooming!!

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