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This past July, I had the pleasure of assisting Ariel Perry with this gorgeous summer wedding at the Rand Bryan House in Garner, North Carolina! The ceremony and reception took place outside of the house and even the 100 degree weather didn’t keep these guys from enjoying their special day! After getting dressed, the bride and groom headed outdoors for their first look before the ceremony! I love it when couples choose to do a first look prior to the ceremony as it allows us to capture the couple together before the official walk down the aisle. After exchanging their vows in a beautiful garden ceremony beside the house, everyone headed over to the reception space for dinner and dancing! This was my first time witnessing a ribbon pull during the reception. Instead of tossing the bouquet, the bride asked all of the single ladies to participate in a ribbon pull. Also known as a cake pull. There were tiny charms attached to a few of the ribbons inside of the cake and each lady took turns pulling to see who would end up with a charm. The lady who ended up pulling the ribbon with a ring on it is said to be the next to be married! It was a really neat tradition to witness! The couple ended the night with a fun sparkler exit surrounded by all of their friends and family!


I decided pretty early in my pregnancy that I would count weeks instead of months and here’s why! Counting weeks means that I get to have a little party and celebration once a week instead of once a month! I am all for celebrating any chance that I get! So this week we’re celebrating reaching 21 weeks and the fact that we’re officially counting down!! Yayyy!!! Just to fill you in, we had our anatomy scan a couple of weeks ago. We decided a few months ago that we would wait until delivery to find out the gender. We walked into the anatomy scan and I thought to myself “omg, I could probably find out the gender today!” So I asked Brian if he was sure that he didn’t want to know! He is a lot stronger about things like this than I am. He said he didn’t want to know and so we told the tech! She did an amazing job showing us everything without showing us what this little bean is! She even gave us the cutest little 3D photo of the baby’s face lying against the placenta! I am addicted to that one photo! Other than that, I’ve been feeling pretty good! Lots of growing pains and some days I’m extremely sleepy, but for the most part, things are going really good!

I think the closer we get to the end of the year, the more excited we all get! Only a few months left before we will get to meet this little bean and finally know whether it’s a boy or girl!! So exciting!!

Shooting weddings during pregnancy

Ashley and Eric are such a sweet couple! After spending months planning their wedding, it was finally August 13th, 2016! Their wedding ceremony took place at William’s Memorial CME Church in High Point, North Carolina. The reception followed at the Colonial Country Club in nearby Thomasville, North Carolina. Ashley wore a very elegant wedding gown with lots of a beading and the cutest Betsey Johnson heels. The groom and groomsmen wore navy suits with brown dress shoes! Everyone looked amazing! Ashley and Eric exchanged their vows at the church and then headed over to the country club for dinner and dancing! Eric even surprised Ashley with a really fun garter take off dance routine! The night ended as Ashley and Eric exited through a line of sparklers and shared a kiss before driving off! Congrats again guys!

Special thanks to my assistant and second photographer, Ariel Perry!

The Team:

DJ: DJ Brian Jay with Story and Rhythm

Wedding Planner: A Stepp Above Weddings and Events

Cake: Glorious Gourmet Creations

Reception Venue: Colonial Country Club

Ceremony Venue: Williams Memorial CME Church

Makeup Artist: Pretty Girl Gang 


I mean seriously, where does the time go? Today was the first day of school for kids in our area and I dropped off a 5th grader at school. A 5th grader!!!! That sounds crazy! For one it means that she’s growing into a young lady faster than I am ready to accept and it also means that I’m getting older than I want to accept! We are so proud of her and everything she has accomplished up until this point! We pray that she continues to succeed in school and in life! She has really grown into her own person with her own personality. She love reading books and fashion. I wish I had half of the style she has! It makes me a little sad that she’s growing up and isn’t my little baby anymore! Well at least she doesn’t let me call her my little baby!

Cheers to all of the children starting school today!

5th grader5th grade

How did you meet?

We met on a dating website in February 2015.  We communicated by phone and text before the 1st date. We met for lunch and it was like talking to an old friend. The 2nd date, Kevin met my parents. In August 2015, we went to Louisiana where I met his parents.  The next month, we were official engaged.

Tell me about your proposal? How did he propose? Where, etc?

Kevin proposed on September 26, 2016. We were in Charlotte to attend a Panthers game. The game was on Sunday, so we drove down to Charlotte that Saturday evening.  It was a rainy and miserable day. I was not in a jolly mood during the drive to Charlotte.  I was cold, wet, and had a headache from earlier in the day.  On the drive to Charlotte, Kevin asked several times whether I loved him and if I wanted to marry him.  I was like “Yes, I love you and yes, I want to marry you.”  He knew he was working my nerves (LOL).  When we finally arrived to the hotel and checked in, all I wanted to do was eat, watch TV and go to bed.  Again, Kevin asked the same question, while I was too busy trying to reach for the remote control. He told me to focus and I answered the questions again, “Yes, I love you and yes, I want to marry you.”

He got down on one knee, and all I could say was, “You better get up cause you know you have bad knees”.  He asked me to marry him and I said “Yes”. He put my “big and sparkly” ring on my finger.

Miraculously, my headache went away and I was ready to get a drink and food.

Called my mother the next day and it took her all of 10 second to spread the news.

The Wedding

These two are such a sweet couple! Charlene and Kevin exchanged their vows at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel (Old Brownstone Hotel) in Raleigh, North Carolina. After months of planning, their special day had arrived and we couldn’t wait to spend the day with them. When we arrived, Charlene and the ladies were busy preparing the day. Kevin and his groomsmen were also getting dressed. After a little more prep time, everyone was ready for the ceremony. The ceremony took place in one of the ballrooms on the 2nd floor. Their day was filled with beautiful purple flowers and lots of shiny bling decor. The ladies looked amazing in floor length plum and lace bridesmaids dresses while the guys wore black suits from Men’s Warehouse. After there ceremony, we headed across the street for portraits. The weather was hot, but we found a nice shady spot for photographs. Everyone enjoyed dinner, dancing and cake throughout the evening. They even had a clean comedian host, Les Long, during the reception that kept everyone laughing! Instead of tossing the bouquet, Charlene chose to give all of the special people in her life a rose! I thought that was a very sweet gesture that I had never seen before.

Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0603Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0604Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0605Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0606Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0607Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0608Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0609Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0610Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0611Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0612Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0613Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0614Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0615Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0616Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0617Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0618Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0619Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0620Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0621Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0622Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0623Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0624Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0625Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0626Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0627Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0628Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0629Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0630Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0631Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0632Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0633Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0634Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0635Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0636Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0637Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0638Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0639Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0640Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0641Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0642Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0643Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0644Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Wedding photos_0645The Team:

Venue: Doubletree by Hilton Brownstone Hotel

Cake: Ashley Cakes

DJ: Brian with Story and Rhythm

Photography: Tosha with Story and Rhythm (special thanks to Donnell P for assisting)

Florist: Teacup Floral

Makeup Artist: Tiwa Lawrence