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I love whenever we get to visit new wedding venues in the area. Duke Gardens isn’t exactly new but this was my first time photographing a wedding at this location. I had the pleasure of second shooting with one of my close friends at a beautiful wedding at Duke Gardens in Durham, North Carolina. We started the day off at the Washington Duke Inn, where the bride and groom were both getting dressed. When we arrived, the groom was lounging with his groomsmen. The bride was busy having her hair and makeup completed. After spending some time with everyone at the hotel, we headed over to the ceremony location.

The ceremony was held outdoors in front of the small pond just outside of the main building. It’s such an adorable place to exchange your vows. Once the ceremony was over, we spent time photographing the family, wedding party and bride and groom before heading inside for the reception. The rest of the evening was spent enjoying dinner, desserts and dancing in the Duke Garden’s ballroom.  These guys had a beautiful wedding day and I’m so glad to have been a part of it!


After months of planning with Avalyn and Stephen, their wedding day had finally arrived! Ava and Stephen planned their Brier Creek Country Club wedding for last October! The weather was perfect for an outdoor ceremony. When we arrived, Ava and her sister were busy having their makeup done by Vil with Contourkissed. The guys were getting dressed while watching some football in the lounge on the lower level. Ava wore the cutest lace bridal gown with an adorable pair of navy blue heels. The groom wore a very dapper navy blue suit and brown dress shoes.

One of the sweetest moments happened during the ceremony. As the bride was walking down the aisle, the groom met her halfway and escorted her down the aisle. It was such a sweet and touching moment. It took everything in me not to break down into tears! The rest of the ceremony was simple and sweet. Reverend Kayelily Middleton always does an amazing job with personalizing the vows. After the ceremony, we headed out to the golf course for photos of the bride, groom and wedding party.

The reception followed inside of the ballroom at the country club. The newlyweds shared their first dance as husband and wife before enjoying dinner and dancing throughout the evening! We loved working with Avalyn and Stephen and can’t wait to see what the future holds for these guys.


The Team

Wedding venue: Brier Creek Country Club

Wedding Planner: Kimberly Myers Events

Wedding Cake: Sugar Euphoria

Wedding DJ: Brian with Story and Rhythm

Wedding Photographer: Tosha with Story and Rhythm

Makeup Artist: Contourkissed 

Florist: The English Garden

Wedding Officiant: Reverand Kayelily Middleton

This year has been amazing! We’ve been blessed to meet and work with lots of amazing couples, we purchased our first house, and we found out that we were expecting our 3rd child. Plus lots of other blessings in between. We are officially ending the year doing what we love this year! Our last wedding of the year is this evening, New Year’s Eve and we are so excited to spend the day with Candice and Jamal! As we end this year, we wanted to share our 2017 resolutions with you! I’ve never been big on making New Year’s resolutions but this year we thought it would be fun!

Our biggest resolution (and prayer) is that we deliver a healthy baby in January! I wasn’t sure if I should include that on our list, but it’s definitely one of our main priorities this year! Plus the adjustment that comes along with being parents of a newborn. We’re definitely excited about that one.

#2. Eat Healthy

I think this ends up on everyone’s list of New Year’s Resolutions and it’s certainly on ours. This pregnancy has knocked me off of my healthy eating track. With the nausea and heartburn, I’ve been thankful for any food that doesn’t make matters worse. Even if that means not eating the healthiest option at times. However, one of our goals in 2017 is to get back on track with eating healthy as a family.

#3. Continue to grow our business

We are always saying how blessed we are to work with some of the most amazing couples. We appreciate all of our families and couples who trust us to be a part of their special day and who support us and our business! We pray that we are able to continue growing our business in 2017.

Here’s to wishing you and yours a very awesome and amazing year in 2017!! Happy New Years guys!





2016 has been an absolutely amazing year and now it is time to take a look back at a few photos from behind the scenes in 2016! This is always one of my favorite blogs of the year and I usually find something that cracks me up while going through photos! We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with so many amazing and sweet couples throughout the year!

We finally moved into our new house earlier in the year and along with that came our new office space! That was definitely a blessing!

Photographing the beautiful McAllister and Cornell on their wedding day in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina! I am still swooning over her gorgeous Hayley Paige dress! behind-the-scenes-with-a-wedding-photographer-and-dj_0703

A little wedding party fun in the middle of Fayetteville street. behind-the-scenes-with-a-wedding-photographer-and-dj_0702We got to hang out with Jenay and Jonathan along with their awesome wedding party in Winston Salem, North Carolina! behind-the-scenes-with-a-wedding-photographer-and-dj_0701Brian chatting with the groom about something! It may have been about the amazingly fun dance that he did for Jenay a few minutes later! behind-the-scenes-with-a-wedding-photographer-and-dj_0719behind-the-scenes-with-a-wedding-photographer-and-dj_0718

Photographing Michael and his groomsmen on a cloudy day in Durham, NC. I think I bored the ring bearer!

Mia’s first look with her bridesmaids just before leaving the Sheraton Imperial hotel in Durham. Two thumbs up!behind-the-scenes-with-a-wedding-photographer-and-dj_0704

This guy being his usually silly self before the reception in Columbus, GA. behind-the-scenes-with-a-wedding-photographer-and-dj_0709

Photographing Nicole and Aliedjawon at the Matthew’s House! behind-the-scenes-with-a-wedding-photographer-and-dj_0716

This is what happened when I let a 5 year old take a photo of me during the reception! behind-the-scenes-with-a-wedding-photographer-and-dj_0721

We don’t photograph many maternity portraits during the year, but this one was a blast with Lalita and her hubby! Having him throw the back of her white dress and run out of the frame was a lot of fun! behind-the-scenes-with-a-wedding-photographer-and-dj_0717

Sometimes Brian likes to grab a sparkler during the exit.behind-the-scenes-with-a-wedding-photographer-and-dj_0722

Mr DJ at Alecia and Paul’s wedding at The Great Room in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. behind-the-scenes-with-a-wedding-photographer-and-dj_0715

Just part of the paparazzi during the cake cutting at Barclay Villa.
behind-the-scenes-with-a-wedding-photographer-and-dj_0700I made him pose on his way to check in with the bride and groom before the wedding reception introductions.
behind-the-scenes-with-a-wedding-photographer-and-dj_0698Photographing Heather as she put on her earrings in the bridal suite. behind-the-scenes-with-a-wedding-photographer-and-dj_0708Chatting with Julian and his groomsmen outside of Grand Marquise Ballroom.

Photographing Alecia and Paul along with their wedding party in Chapel Hill. behind-the-scenes-with-a-wedding-photographer-and-dj_0707

My belly seems to have grown over the course of a few months! Photographing Avalyn’s beautiful lace gown at Brier Creek Country Club.

Fixing a piece of hair before taking portraits of the bride. behind-the-scenes-with-a-wedding-photographer-and-dj_0710Blocking the sun with one hand while photographing Avalyn and her brother with the other one! behind-the-scenes-with-a-wedding-photographer-and-dj_0712

Brian chatting with the couple who had been married the longest after the longest marriage dance. behind-the-scenes-with-a-wedding-photographer-and-dj_0720

My pretty hot husband assisted me with off camera lighting during our trip to Asheville, NC. behind-the-scenes-with-a-wedding-photographer-and-dj_0714

Just strolling by Nichelle and Rick’s wedding party! bts-asheville-627

Thank you guys again to everyone who helped make this year one of the best yet!! Cheers to an awesome 2017!

We couldn’t let the day past without saying “Happy Birthday” to our little one, Addie! Her idea of the perfect birthday included riding rides and playing at Galaxy Fun Park, followed by cupcakes, pizza, and gifts. It’s amazing to think that she is turning 5 today! I love watching her grow up, but a part of me is also sad! I’m sad that one day she won’t be my little baby anymore. That she will one day go off to college and move away. Or that she will one day get married and leave home for good! That she will probably one day say that she hates us because we won’t let her do something! Or that in about 8 months, she will be starting her kindergarten. These aren’t really sad milestones, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little sad!

But for now, we cherish each and every moment and day that we get to spend with her. She has grown into the sweetest little girl who will hug and kiss you one hundred times per day! She loves to play with barbies and eat ice cream. She loves shopping at Target just as much as I do, except she prefers the toy aisles. And she has an infectious personality that you can’t help but love and laugh at, even when she’s misbehaving!